On Monday, July 24, Apple pushed out the iOS 11 Beta 4 for Developers. The fourth beta of the OS comes with an array of changes, which include some bug fixes for VSCO (the photography app) and the Citi Mobile banking app. Apart from these, beta 4 enables one to use their email address for signing-in to Pinterest. The update also ensures that the audio does not drop in a conversation when one makes a Skype call. Apart from these, there are several other changes that have taken place with the roll out of iOS 11 beta 4 update.

New icons and alterations in the Notification center

With the latest update, Apple introduced new icons for preloaded apps such as Reminders, Notes, and Contacts. However, some users noted that the app icons may contain bugs. These bugged icons show some details incorrectly such as the bullet on the Reminder app icon which tends to be displayed on the wrong side. One can expect that Apple will rectify this mistake in the next beta roll out.

With the update, Apple also introduced a new icon for Contacts in the Settings menu. However, the icons for Reminders and Notes remain unchanged. After the update, users can swipe left on a Notification on the Lock Screen to either view it or clear it from the screen.

Additionally, if the user taps on the Notification itself, then they are instructed in a pop-up alert to use the Touch ID to unlock the device and open the app whose Notification was displayed on the lock-screen.

Changes in capacity, AirDrop, accounts and passwords settings

According to Phone Arena, there have been quite a few changes in the general Settings, as well as the menu of some specific apps such as AirDrop.

In general, if one now chooses the “About” option in general Settings, the system will show the total amount of storage the device possess in place of displaying the amount of free space iOS currently has. The general Settings now have a dedicated space for AirDrop in the menu.

The AirDrop option in the Settings menu comes with a toggle button, which can be turned off, or can be restricted to just contact or set for everyone.

Earlier, if the user wanted to make these changes, they could do it only from the Control Center. Under the Settings app, the Accounts & Passwords category now displays a horizontally-oriented key icon in place of a vertical one. Apart from these, there have been quite a few changes that have taken place in the system in terms of appearance and structure.