A lot of people know that Apple has been trying to make iOS-based hearing aids for the past years. The company has worked for different manufacturers to bring these devices to the market. Finally, Apple’s efforts have finally paid off. Apple recently made a partnership with Cochlear Limited, a hearing implants company that designs, manufactures and supplies Nucleus Cochlear Implant. The two companies will work together to launch Apple’s first ever cochlear implant.

How does it work?

The cochlear implant can stream audio from any compatible iOS device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod.

But the implant is primarily made to pair with iPhones. The very first cochlear implant sound processor that is made for iOS is called Nucleus 7. It is probably the smallest and lightest behind-the-ear device available in the market.

The difference between Apple’s cochlear implant and an ordinary hearing aid is that unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants are surgically inserted, and it digitizes audio signals and sends them to the cochlea while hearing aids only amplify sounds. The Nucleus 7 sound processor is not what is implanted in the body; it is what we see outside that gathers the audio and sends it to the implant.

How to use the cochlear implant?

Users do not have to download or launch any iOS application to use the Nucleus 7 because of works naturally with iPhones.

Users can quickly go to their iPhone’s accessibility settings and pair the implant. It works the same way as a Bluetooth device.

After pairing the Nucleus 7, users can control the volume using their device’s volume keys. Any audio can be sent into the cochlear implant including music, phone calls and many more. Apple’s new cochlear implant is said to have long-lasting battery life.

It is also 24 percent lighter compared to its previous version.

Apple has made other audio-assisting devices in the past like the ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aid. According to a report from TechCrunch, Apple wants to push its new hearing aid accessibility features to every iOS devices. The Nucleus 7 sound processor implant also streams audio directly to both ears of the user.

Apple and Cochlear Limited are planning to launch the Nucleus 7 in September for people in Canada and US.

Apple promised something to President Donald Trump

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