A company in Wisconsin offered microchip implants to its employees in order to expedite their entrance into their building, access in their computers, and even pay for vending machine purchases. The company is now the center of a massive debate.

The company, Three Square Market, informed employees that the implants are for their employee’s convenience and the company’s security. Todd Westby, the company’s CEO, said that this is the future. The company is upgrading its systems and procedures inside the company.

Invasion of privacy?

But many observers are cautious about the company’s plan because they find it too intrusive of individual's privacy.

It has been known that the microchips will contain the private details of the employee. However, representatives of the company insist that it is not like a reality TV show where the participants’ daily activities are being monitored and scrutinized.

Three Square Market’s interest in the implant comes from the fact that it owns machines that can use microchips. The company is a provider of technology for mini-market, kiosks, and vending machines.

The chips will be inserted into a person’s hand using a syringe-like device specially made for the purpose. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice. Three Square works with BioHax International, a company based in Sweden to install the technology, according to Reuters.

Easy access to machines and computers

The majority of the company’s employees approve of the offer and want to have the implant for convenience and ease. Those who have the microchip implants can use machines by simply making a wave.

Invasion Of Privacy is one of the concerns regarding the Microchip Implant. It will reportedly be used in the future to replace cards and cash.

Some fundamentalist religious groups have expressed their opposition to the microchip, believing that devices like these could become the “mark of the beast” which is mentioned in Revelation, the last book of the Bible.

The microchip implant can be removed anytime and will not be used to track the employee because it has no GPS transceiver.

However, other reports allege that once the chip is implanted, it cannot be removed.

Employees of BioHax International’s partner company are doing more research on the pros and cons of the microchip. The chip costs $300 each. The manufacturer of the said chip has not responded to the negative feedback on their product.