Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the successor of the Galaxy Note 7, has been subjected to several rumors till date. Lately, a new rumor has surfaced which claims that the device will come with Qualcomm’s next-generation chipset i.e. the Snapdragon 836. If rumors are to be believed, then Snapdragon 835 which is the current top-level SoC that Qualcomm is offering, will be replaced by Snapdragon 836 which will be launched in the latter half of the year.

Qualcomm to come out with Snapdragon 836 in the third quarter?

Launching two chipsets in one year is not a new strategy that Qualcomm will be applying.

Even in 2016, the chipmaker adopted this policy. The smartphones which were revealed and launched in the first half of the year were powered by the Snapdragon 820 chipset. On the other hand, the handsets which were unveiled in the latter half of 2016 came with the upgraded Snapdragon 821 SoC.

Thus, if one follows the same scheme the flagship and premium smartphones arriving in the third quarter of 2017 have a high probability of being fueled by the Snapdragon 836. Rumors are rife that Note 8 phablet will be the first device to come with the next-generation chipset. Rumors suggest that the upgraded chipset will feature an octa-core processor clocking at 2.5 GHz, while the graphics processing unit will clock at 740 MHz.

Speculations suggest that the Note 8 will be unveiled in August. It is rumored that along with the Samsung phablet, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, along with the LG V30 will also house the new chipset. Some rumors have suggested Qualcomm is not only busy developing and manufacturing the Snapdragon 836 but is also focusing on the development of Snapdragon 845.

Speculations are rife that the Snapdragon 845 chipset has high chances of powering the LG G7 and Samsung Galaxy S9, the LG and Samsung 2018 flagship smartphones, respectively.

Note 8: Specs you can expect

If one goes by the latest rumors, the Note 8 phablet is likely to sport a 6.3-inch Infinity Display, which is a tad bigger than the 6.2-inch display of the Galaxy S8+.

However, despite the slight difference, both the devices are rumored to sport the same screen-body aspect ratio of 18:5:9. According to experts, this is the best aspect ratio to watch movies and videos.

The Note 8 is highly likely to run on Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. However, users can expect the phablet to be upgraded to the rumored Android O, the successor of Android Nougat, once the OS is unveiled and rolled out to the public. The device may also sport a dual-rear camera setup.