All Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 units running on T-Mobile network will be receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat update, with the monthly security patch in tow. The update for Galaxy Tab S2 carrying baseband version T817TUVU2BQE2 was rolled out for all the units of the tablet on Monday, June 5. In the carrier’s support page, the changelog has not shared much about the enhancements the update will bring apart from custom Nougat improvements.

The changelog does not mention which month’s security patch this update will be bringing along with it. Thus, it cannot be confirmed whether the Galaxy Tab S2 will be benefitting from the June security patch or a slightly older one.

The download files weigh 1006.80 MB, so ensure you keep about 1 GB of free space on your Galaxy Tab S2. The OTA update will be pushed out in phases, and it could be some time before all the users receive the update on their devices.

Things to do before the update

T-Mobile advises all users of the Galaxy Tab S2 to ensure that the tablet battery contains at least 50 percent charge or higher. Apart from this, the users must need to connect the Samsung tablet to a strong data or Wi-Fi connection for smooth, untroubled download and installation. It would also be wise to make a back-up of all the important data.

Galaxy Tab S2 software update: OTA and manual

In case the Android Nougat update arrives on the smartphone automatically, users need not do much once they receive the alert.

Simply use the update to Android Nougat option. Once the download completes, the user will have to select whether he/she wants to install the update now or later. If the user selects to update the tablet then and there, the installation process will commence, and the system will ask for permission to reboot to update the device to the latest version.

However, if the user chooses to download and install the update manually, then he/she would have to first download and install Samsung Smart Switch on their laptop or PC. Once that is done all they have to do is to connect the tablet to the computer and link it to the Smart Switch app.

Once the link has been established, open the Smart Switch app and search for the Android Nougat update.

If the update is available, it will come up on the Smart Switch app window. All the user would have to do is to click on Update to start the download of the files on the tablet. Then you can follow the on-screen prompts on the tablet to install the firmware.