Users of the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ are finally getting the much-delayed Android 7.0 Nougat update. The network operator announced that the Android N update would be rolling out on May 1. However, the software update roll-out saw a delay of two weeks. That said, it has finally arrived for the smartphone's users.

What will the update bring?

Other major U.S. carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have already released the same update for their Galaxy S6 Edge+ users. On its official support page, T-Mobile stated that the download is currently available online.

However, the changelog does not list the features and changes the software update will be bringing, barring the custom Nougat inclusion.

Thus, it would be safe to assume that the Android Nougat update will come with custom performance upgrades and bug fixes. In all likelihood, Google’s April security patch may also come included in the update package. It may take a few days to reach owners of the handset on T-Mobile. However, if the update does not show up in the notification tab even after the considerable delay, one can manually download and install it on their smartphone.

Update requirements

T-Mobile specifically states on its support page that the Galaxy S6 edge+ must have 50 percent or higher battery life at the time of the installation process.

Apart from this, the handset must also be connected to strong Wi-Fi or data connection to avoid any installation hiccups. The download file size is 1.35 GB, so make sure that there is ample space to store the file.

OTA update instructions

To install the Android Nougat OTA update, go to the Settings menu from the home screen, and select the About device option.

From the device option select Software Update and check for the updated file. Once the update shows up, click OK to download. Once the file has been downloaded, the smartphone will automatically reboot itself to incorporate the latest software changes.

Update via PC

In case you do not receive the update, you can also download and install it from a laptop or PC.

However, before you begin the upgrade process, it is imperative to remember to back up all important data. Before starting the installation process, one would need to download and install the Samsung Smart Switch on the user's computer.

Once done, connect the Galaxy S6 edge+ to the computer and open the Smart Switch app on the PC. If the software update is available it will come up on the Smart Switch window. Click on Update to begin the download and installation of the new software.