The Microsoft Surface Phone has been floating around on the rumor mill for some time now; however, details about the hotly-anticipated smartphone has been few and far between this year. The paucity of an official announcement added more fuel to the already burning rumors about Microsoft dumping the project according to tech Radar.

The Surface Phone is alive and brimming with new features

Contrary to the aforesaid reports that found their way on the internet not too long ago, latest leak suggests the purported handset is not only in the works but has an built-in projector.

The speculation stems from a Google’s translation of a post published on a Chinese website.

While the said post was taken out almost instantly, a nimble Twitter user known as WalkingCat (@h0x0d) screenshotted and shared the report with his 9,614 followers on the social networking website. The allegedly leaked content, which alludes to the device as the Surface Mobile, mentions “onto table” projection capabilities while employing Continuum.

For those unaware, Continuum allows a user to plug a Windows phone into a monitor transforming the device into a desktop PC. If new rumors about the phone packing a projector prove to be true, smartphone enthusiasts will be able to directly display the screen on any flat surface.

But they should not get their hopes high just yet as the device is expected to work for over just an hour in this mode.

What else to expect?

The leak also claims that the Surface Phone will boast a Surface Pen much the same as the company's tablet lineup.

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If this comes to fruition, the Microsoft Surface Phone would be all set to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

There's also hearsay about “185 degrees,” meaning, the phone will come with some sort of stand, most likely to use the projector. Aside from that, there's mention of a Qualcomm Snapdragon power, although a specific chip is not named so far.

There's word floating around that the Redmond-based software giant will come out with more than just one variant of the Surface Phone, with the latest leak referring to both the Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia. There have been umpteen reports hinting at multiple models in the past, so that's hardly surprising.While all this sounds overwhelming, readers are advised to take this with a huge grain of salt as the leak is based on a generalized translation of a now-deleted post. That being said, more concrete details are likely to surface online sooner rather than later. Stay tuned in here for more Surface Phone related news and updates!