Microsoft has finally announced the newest member of the Xbox One family, the Xbox One X. It is known as the "Project Scorpio" which was first teased last year. Apparently, this new device is Microsoft's biggest take away as it is being considered as the world most powerful Gaming console.

The new Xbox One X is stronger than the usual PlayStation 4 since it is capable of running games at 4K/60 frames per second. Phil Spencer, the Xbox CEO, has named the newest gaming console a “monster.” Further, Xbox One X is packed with 1172 MHZ GPU engine that allows the user over its maximum gaming experience.

'Project Scorpio' to be released in November

The new Xbox One X is a gaming console that is aimed to deliver a 4K graphics together with an ultra HD TVs. The gaming console, which is better known as "Project Scorpio," is set to be released on November 7. Players are advised to make use of a wider TV screen in order to appreciate more of its power and features.

According to Microsoft, the game will look better and will also run smoother if it will be used with wider screens. Further, the game is also expected to load faster with this newest gaming console regardless of its TV resolution. This new hardware will be first made available in the Kiwi gamers. Microsoft Corporation has confirmed that it will be priced at $499 in most of the countries, but it will be $799 in New Zealand.

Slimmer Xbox version

Over the years, Microsoft had consistently wowed its gamers with its original Xbox. However, the new Xbox One X will be a little slimmer compared to the previous model. The new console will appear to be a bit more streamlined, and Microsoft has claimed that it will be the smallest console that they had ever made.

The console is packed with a six teraflop GPU and a 12GB of a DDR5 RAM. Apparently, it is yet the most powerful gaming console that the world will ever have. The device will also feature a Blu-ray drive which is a feature that is not available from other consoles.

In addition, for gamers who had been using the original Xbox One, this new gaming console is still made compatible in everything with your Xbox One.

This simply means that you do not need to rebuild your gaming library and or to buy new accessories for this new console.

Furthermore, Xbox One X will also work best with the VR headsets. Alongside this new gaming console, Microsoft has also launched new and exciting games like "Forza Motorsports 7." Apparently, this is the best deal that Microsoft has unveiled yet!