NVIDIA’s April Fool's joke that revolved around GeForce GTX G-Assist stirred conversation among avid gamers. With a whopping 2.25 million views on YouTube, the comments section of that video was brimming with calls for the California-based chip maker to exclusively create a USB thumb drive for video game freaks, but the burning question on everyone's mind was: Can this come to fruition?

NVIDIA’s April Fool’s jest: Is the GeForce GTX USB drive real?

In the comments section, Adam Duncan, a tech buff, went as far as demanding a GeForce GTX Usb Drive that bears a striking resemblance to the company's popular graphics card.

Duncan's proposal received 24 replies and an impressive 521 upvotes. Now, much to their delight, NVIDIA seem to have finally answered their prayers.

While the purported GeForce GTX G-Assist was touted to feature deep learning algorithms, it's worth noting that it was just an April Fool's gag. The real GeForce GTX USB thumb drive doesn't come with the extravagant algorithms that the company teased earlier in a YouTube video; however, on the brighter side, the storage device is indeed a real product.

NVIDIA at E3 2017: What's in store?

NVIDIA has reportedly manufactured only a specific number of GeForce GTX replica thumb drives. In fact, it created just a couple thousand of these drives, to be precise.

The tech firm will be offering them to press "Influencers" and 1,080 registered members of GeForce Experience who opted in to receive communication from the company during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which kicks off on Tuesday, June 13.

This dandy USB drive which will roll out in limited edition packs 64GB of data. Those not too inclined to use GeForce Experience, and those who chose not to receive emails, can resort to another way to not only get their hands on the USB drive, but also win other prizes valued at over $100,000 in all.


Furthermore, ardent gamers who use the #GameReady and #E3 hashtags to discuss games at the annual video game conference that is slated to take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, have an opportunity to get selected and receive a prize, but that's not all. Nvidia's GeForce YouTube channel subscribers who use #GameReady on any video of this year's E3 will gain entry to win as well.

Notably, a slew of other items will be up for grabs too. These include an iBuyPower Snowblind Battlebox Ultimate PC, G-Sync monitors from Acer and Dell, Oculus Rift and Touch VR setups, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, Astro A40 and A50 headsets, and game codes.