Apple has always come up with something new each time they launch an iPhone, this time the tech giant revealed that their upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will be a high-end version. The company has already started mass producing the gadget, and rumors state that it is one of the most anticipated smartphones that will be available on the market.

Apparently, the new model will arrive with a dual vertical camera structure.

It is also said to have an embedded fingerprint sensor below the display. The phone will consist of a dual speaker, and the bottom edge will have a lightning connector. There are a few modifications from all previous iPhone models as the iPhone 8 will not have a home button.

The iPhone 7 Plus, it turns out, has most of the designs from its previous version. With dimensions of 158.38x78.1 mm, it has a horizontal dual camera. However, there are no signs of a home button, but reports state that the iPhone 7 Plus will resemble the iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 will be delayed by a few months

According to CNBC, the model is more likely to be delayed by a few months. Apple has big plans of releasing three new iPhone models this year, including the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7 Plus and the most anticipated iPhone 8. All three models -- it is believed -- will be launched simultaneously in September.

The delay for the upcoming model is because of the OLED production ramp, and its mass volume.

It is said that the high-end iPhone 8 is going to be launched in October or November this year. The OLED model might have a limited quantity of phones on the market due to the delay in production.

iPhone 8 will arrive with iOS 11

The advantage for the upcoming phones is that they will arrive with the latest iOS 11, users need not worry for a long time until Apple releases its next operating system. Some of the other specs that could be seen on the phone are the new Touch ID featuring face or iris scanning.

The facial recognition will be its latest invention, with wireless charging and a stainless steel glass body, it is said to be arriving with Apple's next generation processor.

There could be a few alterations on the phone before it hits the market, the company might consider removing the fingerprint sensor below the screen. Users are more comfortable with the fingerprint sensor on top. An additional difference might turn out to be a disadvantage.

The price for the iPhone 8 is supposed to be around $850 to $1,099. We will know for sure, ultimately, when the model is released.

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