As a start-up, Uber continues to be one of the most successful organizations in the world. However, the Company has been beset with one controversy after another over the recent past. Earlier this week, the company completed a probe into allegations of Sexual Harassment at the workplace and fired in excess of 20 employees. However, the diversity chief at the company has said that it is only the beginning of the long overdue cleanup.

A much-needed cleanup

Bernard Coleman, who is employed as the chief of global diversity at Uber, said that the termination of 20 odd employees found guilty in the sexual harassment probe is only the beginning of the cleanup that is going to be implemented across the company.

He said that it was only the 'first step of many' that are going to be taken by the company, in order to make Uber a great to place to work for all employees. Coleman had joined the company before the accusations of sexual harassment at the workplace and poor HR practices went viral, through a blog post published by an employee. However, following the events from earlier in the week, Coleman feels that the company is on the right track and also stated that he is quite excited at the pace at which the company has tackled the situation that could have ended up ruining its image.

Wide-ranging reforms

The probe that was conducted by the law firm Perkins Coie LLP has not only unearthed the offenders within Uber but has also provided the company with a blueprint that should be undertaken, going forward.

A total of 215 Uber employees had been accused of sexual harassment, among which around 20 were terminated by the company. However, 57 complaints are still being probed while some have been sent for counseling and a handful of others have been handed official warnings. Among the 20 who have been terminated, two belong to the top management at Uber and that is something that must have come as a bit of a shock for all involved.

As a result, it is not a surprise that the company are now determined to implement the findings of the probe in order to complete the cleanup. Additionally, Coleman also pointed out that the company is going to takes stock of the diversity situation of the company. He stated that his department, diversity, and inclusion, is well funded and work is being done in order to fix the issues related to diversity. However, he hastened to add that Uber is still a relatively new company and hence it might not have been thinking about the diversity of the workforce when the company first went into business.