If you’re an iPhone user, then you probably experienced that annoying message warning you that your storage is almost full while taking pictures or shooting videos. If you think that the memory storage of your iPhone device is getting smaller, in a way that’s correct.

What is actually happening is that the Apps installed on your smartphone are getting significantly bigger. According to Sensor Tower, a mobile analysis firm, the most-installed iOS apps are now 11 times bigger compared in 2013. This means that the storage in your device is filled that much faster.

What apps eat more storage space than others?

The main culprits are social media apps, particularly Facebook and Snapchat. Facebook, arguably the most popular social media network used by millions of people, now eats 388 MB of storage space – up from 32 MB. Meanwhile, Snapchat now takes 51 times more storage space compared to what it used to take back in 2013.

What are the reasons for apps becoming bigger than ever before?

Randy Nelson, the firm’s head of mobile insights, said that there are several reasons for these apps eating up more storage space.

Social media apps have been adding several new features on a regular basis, which translates to bigger apps. Snapchat was initially designed for short messages but has evolved to an app that competes with Facebook and Instagram.

The app now has a range of features such as the Discover Tab and several filters for images.

When it comes to gaming apps, such as “Candy Crush,” graphics have become more complex with additional levels and features being added that take up extra space on your device.

Screen sizes are also a factor

Changing screen sizes of the iPhone and iPad devices also contribute larger storage needs for apps.

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Developers need to design their apps that can support a wider range of devices which automatically makes the apps bigger in size. In addition, developers create their apps with more attractive graphics to take advantage of the iPhone’s screen technology.

How to solve this dilemma?

There are no specific ways of solving this problem.

Even though you don’t install new apps to save storage space, older apps that are already installed tend to become larger over time.

However, the upcoming iOS 11 may have a simple solution. The new software has a feature where it automatically deletes apps that are seldom used, just enough to free up space yet retains enough data so you won’t have to set up the deleted apps again.