During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 in San Jose California, the company did not reveal any details to their upcoming flagship – the iPhone 8. However, the tech giant did unveil its latest software, the iOS 11, which will be the iPhone’s next operating system that is expected to arrive in the fall.

As usual, this next version of the iOS will make notable changes to the existing operating system and will also change how you use your iPhone device.

Improved design for the Control Center and App Store

The most common changes when it comes to newer versions of operating systems are its aesthetics.

In this case, Apple decided to give the Control Center and the App Store a makeover.

The new Control Center allows users to adjust the audio, turn on Airplane mode and lots more all in a single view. Users only need to swipe up on the screen to get to the Control Center.

The App Store now has a “Today” view with featured app content, which is an important space for developers selling their apps. In addition, the new App Store will now have a dedicated Games section.

A smarter personal assistant

Apple claims that the iPhone’s personal assistant, Siri, will become smarter in the next iteration of the iOS. The virtual assistant can learn more about you just by how you use the Safari, News, Messages apps and Mail.

Siri can make suggestions based on what you do in those apps.

Moreover, Siri is now capable of translating English words into French, Chinese, German and Spanish.

Improved Maps and a new safety feature for driving

The Apple Maps is always been inferior compared to its rival, Google Maps. Apple is looking to close the gap with the introduction of new features to its own app.

Apple revealed that it will add detailed floor plan maps at several shopping malls and major airports and will feature “lane guidance” view for drivers.

The iOS 11 will also feature a new mode called “Do Not Disturb While Driving.” When turned on, the device will silence all alerts and notifications while the sender will receive an automated response.

If the sender wants to notify the user that it is urgent, the sender can reply “urgent” in the message and it will be permitted to reach the user.

The new operating system will know if the user is in a moving car by using the Bluetooth or WiFi and if so, iOS 11 will suggest that the user turns on the “Do Not Disturb” feature.

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