Apple has once again shelved support for a Mobile Operating System, a regular practice that doesn’t come as a surprise. This is concerning iOS 10.3.1 which will no longer be supported with attention now on iOS 10.3.2.

Work is currently being done on iOS 10.3.3, likely the last Apple OS before the big jump to iOS 11. The belief is that the next mobile operating system will be out by September, alongside Apple’s next mobile phone offering in the iPhone 8.

Sorry iOS Jailbreakers, nothing is coming

For the fair-using Apple device owners, the demise of iOS 10.3.1 may not matter.

The fact that it carried plenty of bugs that included security risks left iPhone or iPad owners in a very compromising position. However, some folks may be pressed into a corner – particularly the ones who continue to wait for an iOS Jailbreak.

Before Apple decided to cut the signing for that operating system, there was the word of a potential Apple crack coming. Pangu, the Chinese hacking group, known for delivering previous iOS jailbreaks, allegedly had one available. Tied up to that is the fact that past promises (the iOS 10 in particular) never really saw the light of day.

Several weeks have already passed, and nothing close to an iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak has come out. And now Apple has just upped the stakes, meaning folks who dare try the crack may have a tough time reverting to the default version and end up with a bricked phone.

The closest that came was a half-baked crack from Lucas Todesco. The only catch was that it only worked on devices before the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. There are current claims of a potential iOS 11 jailbreak though most of it was achieved using the beta versions of the next Apple OS. The first public beta of iOS 11 was recently released, meaning improvements are expected before the final version comes out.

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To jailbreak or not

To date, there is no credible iOS jailbreak for the select people looking for one. There is big possibility that nothing may come out. Still, that will not stop some Apple Jailbreaking Community members in hoping for one. The only problem here is the time element.

Apple has been aggressive in releasing new mobile operating systems with the next one expected to come out soon.

After that, iOS 11 will be following – indicating how the cat-and-mouse game of Apple and hackers will continue.

The problem right now is that Pangu and some notorious hackers have given up chasing Apple. If ever one does come out, it will be a new player. Along with that comes risks such as malware as some sites have been offering. Hence, it may be best to stick to playing fair and worry less.