AMD strategically introduced its latest Vega Gpu line-up with Apple at the latter’s WWDC, 2017 event that concluded earlier last week. The company announced that the latest line-up will be powering the upcoming iMac Pro notebooks, scheduled to launch later this year. A PC enthusiast recently carried out testing on the product and the results are splendid.

AMD Vega 64 and iMac Pro combination

As reported by Apple Insider, the testing carried out by PC World showed that AMD’s Vega 64 GPUs — destined to power the future iMac Pros — resulted in a build-to-order configuration and outputted significant speed gains.

In fact, AMD’s Vega 64 GPUs even managed to surpass the quality of performance made by the NVIDIA Titan XP card.

During the testing, PC World made use of Windows 10 Pro PCs. They did this because the features are somewhat similar to the upcoming iMac Pros. The similarities between the two are the computer processing units, the storage capacity of 32GB DDR4 RAM and an 8K display coupled with a 1080 pixel resolution. While one testing unit was running on AMD’s Vega 64 GPU, another unit was running on Radeon Vega Frontier Edition PCI-E card and yet another unit was running on GeForce Titan XP card. The GeForce Titan XP card was launched back in April this year.

PC World reported that the workflow resulted after the testing was simulated by nature.

The testers said that the evaluation report of AMD’s Vega card pretty much surpassed GeForce Titan XP card’s performance. The difference in terms of percentage was nearly 50 in Solid Works. Meanwhile, when it came to the 3D rendering package Catia, the difference in terms of percentage between the two was 28.

Additionally, the Maxon’s Cinebench OpenGL benchmark test showed that the AMD Vega Frontier edition had clearly surpassed Titan XP by a whopping fourteen per cent.

The same report by Apple Insider claims that the testing included way more than just OpenGL workflow. The testing was carried out on many other factors as well, including augmented reality and virtual reality.

Testing was also performed on lower resolution displays than the 8K display. Even though AMD Vega Frontier Edition managed to surpass GeForce Titan XP card’s performance, the former leveled up with Radeon Vega Frontier PCI-E card. The testing resulted in the same output in both the cases.

iMac Pro launch

Apple is expected to launch its latest iMac Pro line-up by the end of this year. The pricing and other details regarding the product are still unknown.

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