Early next year, Google is set to launch its newest version of Chrome which will have a pre-installed technology that will automatically block annoying ads. Apparently, this news sounds no good for some agencies and companies that make annoying pop-ups and ads for both mobile phones and computers.

A new set of rules will be established by Google which will direct some companies to a clear public and data-driven guidance. Anyone who doesn't comply with the Better Ads Standard will be ditched. This newest initiative is also another means for Google to prevent the rise of third-party ads blocking software which has entered the market for the past years.

Ad Experience Report

According to the report from Bandt, Google will launch a tool that is called Ad Experience Report. This will inform advertisers on the kind of ads that will pass the standard. Further, the tool will also show the publishers with some screen shots and videos of anything that the new software will identify as annoying or list of ads that can be used instead.

In one of the recent blog post from Google's SVP, Sridhar Ramaswamy wrote a new post. He added that most of the online content creators spend their funds in advertising. They always aim to have ads that will run in the most compelling and useful manner. However, it is contrary to what reality is. Most people encounter these ads to be annoying and even intrusive on their online activities.

Better online ads

Google has started to plan out this initiative back in April. For several months, this California-based technology was tight-lipped about the ads blocker details. However, they just spilled off the details and the functions of the upcoming technology.

Google aims to promote better online ads and not just ads that will make people frustrated.

The company wants to build a better web for everyone, and they believe, it will start with the ad blocker system that they will be launching next year.

Accordingly, Better Ad Standard will block ads like pop-ups, auto-playing ads, and advertisements with countdown timers. The newest version of Chrome, which is set to be launched in 2018, will focus on the definition of better ads based on the given standards.

Further, Google will also provide users the option to pay certain websites directly in exchange for the annoying ads they're blocking. Meanwhile, the company has been testing the technology for some time, but they hope that the next year's ad blocker will be a complete roll out to ban these ads.

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