If you are a fan of Google Home smart device and have been waiting for long for a good deal, then it’s your lucky day! Verizon is offering a Free Google Home with the purchase of either Pixel or Pixel Xl smartphone. To take up on the offer, all one has to do is to fill out a mail-in rebate and get the smart speaker worth $129 for free.

This won’t be the first time that a carrier or OEM has offered Google’s smart device for free. LG, during the launch of its flagship smartphone LG G6, was offering the Google Home for free to lure consumers to buy the newly-released smartphone.

The offer was available to any consumer who ordered the LG G6 from T-Mobile, AT&T or any other carrier. Google Home – which comes with Google Assistant – powers the smart speaker. It was designed and created to directly rival Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo, Dot, and other smart devices.

Google Home narrates recipes

The latest update that was rolled out for Google Home at the end of April, enabled the smart device to become more useful in the kitchen and help amateur and novice cooks whip up tasty dishes and impress one and all. The new update enabled the Assistant to provide step-by-step instructions to the cooks for an estimated 5 million recipes. The recipes have been curated from a number of world’s top food outlets and media, which includes the Food Network as well.

How to use the feature?

To launch the feature, one has to just open the Assistant on their phone, or search for that particular recipe using search. When the recipe has been found, select the “Send to Google Home” option, which will save that recipe then and there. Once you are ready to cook that dish, just start up the smart speaker by saying "Ok Google, start recipe” or “Ok Google, start cooking.”

Once the speaker gets this instruction, it will start belting out the instructions noted down in the recipe.

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In case you need to listen to a step once more, just say “Ok Google, repeat.” Apart from that, if you need recipes at a moment’s notice, then Google Home will be able to search that for you as well. The smart home device can also multitask while the user cooks. Thus, he/she can play their favorite tracks, search for other details online, or set a timer on the device while using this new feature.

The Verizon offer is a limited period one, but it is not known when it will expire. If you want the Pixel XL or Pixel smartphone, as well as the smart speaker from Google for free, this is a good time to purchase the handsets.