Do you remember the last time you lost your temper when you were greeted with pop-up ads when you were trying to access a website? Well, not anymore. Google, the everything for the internet has just announced (try not to gasp) that its browser, Google Chrome will soon have an Ad Blocking feature.

The ad blocker will reportedly set up shop in the desktop and mobile versions of the browser, and will be activated by default. Although Google occupies over 50 percent of the browsing market, almost 50% of the revenue comes from ads. Obviously, Google will not be blocking Google ads, but will be going with the Coalition for Better Ads which targets "unacceptable ads".

Both Google and Facebook work in accordance with The Coalition for Better Ads which includes ads such as pop-ups, videos with sound that play automatically, ads that play while a chosen website is downloading with countdowns and full-screen ads. Now, don't we hate these?

What about revenue?

Google could also just go the easy way instead of taking the effort of recognizing whether an ad is "acceptable" or not. But by doing so, Google has the risk of losing all its revenue. Since companies are coming up with new ideas of presenting their ads to web users, Ad Blockers are popular these days and are gaining more and more popularity these days. So, Google decided to take on the competition of the Ad Blockers by being one itself.

And with the Chrome's intense popularity and its fifty plus percent stronghold over the market, Google could become the most used and preferred solution in Ad Blocking. Google is pinning all hopes on this new idea because, this would mean an increase in users since we totally hate ads and also Google's dominance on yet another feature that is dependent on the internet.

A safe internet

In fact, Google will be taking in a huge bite of the internet that we know. This is at a time when Facebook is pushing forward its software to track and eliminate fake news, and once these internet giants get on the job with releasing these new and intuitive software’s, using the internet will hopefully be a more easier, fun and safe experience.

On Chrome, that is. This new update by Google could mean that the money paid to Ad Blockers by websites can be at least reduced if not completely removed. Google already blocks full scale ads but taking such a move to remove all ads will certainly be a move in the right direction. Basically, Google is fighting a pretty clever fight against fire with fire.