If you are having trouble letting the phone lie while driving, the solution may be on its way. At least Apple believes that. With a new software update, Apple will make it easier to resist the temptation to check SMS while driving. Craig Federighi, responsible for the development of the IOS system, revealed that the new IOS 11 update for iPhones and tablets will contain software that will make it easier to move safely in traffic.

Reply to messages for you

Do Not Disturb While Driving, as the software is called, activates when the iPhone connects to the car via Bluetooth or cable - or just when the car is running.

It will block notifications so you can completely concentrate on driving.

If someone sends you a message while on the way, the phone can automatically send back a message saying that you are driving and cannot answer at the moment. If you ask tech and gadget experts, there is really not much news in the update. This is the undoubtedly indifferent feature of iOS 11. The difference between the current Do not disturb function and this update is almost non-existent.

The difference that is on the 'Do not disturb function' and the new feature is that while iOS 11 itself makes sure to turn the mode on when using the car, you must actively turn on the function. And then the update also allows the phone to automatically send a response to those who send you a text message while driving that you are not able to respond at the moment.

How to see what app on your mobile steals all your time?

Last but not least, the iOS 11 locks the screen, so it's only navigation Apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Apple CarPlay that can be used while driving. It only takes you to enter the destination before driving because it will not be possible once the car is started.

But how can the software distinguish between whether you are driving the car or just a passenger? It can not. It will be possible to turn off the feature so that you can still check news or chat on Facebook if you are not behind the wheel.

Users have forced Apple to take responsibility

According to David Guldager, it is probably not 'Do Not Disturb While Driving', which has received the most attention in the development of the new update.

"It's a feature that Apple has more or less been forced into after criticism from users who believe that Apple should take responsibility for their users' mobile habits while driving," he said.

IOS 11 is more about giving users a general update of apps and features. For example, the iPad will get a bigger overhaul and be updated to a degree that will push it closer to the direct competition from laptops.