The SAN JOSE -- Apple, Inc's CEO, Tim Cook, on Monday, fulfilled his promise to release more information about Apple's Operating Systems updates as well as making other important announcements about the company's products and collaborations. Highlighted below are the six big, new things the tech company has accomplished that were reported by the Washington Post.

1. The release of Apple's Homehub

The Homepod is a smart speaker Tim Cook attests will respond to voice commands using its signature voice assistant, Siri. This product escalates Apple's rivalry with Amazon and Google, both of which have recently released similar products: Google has Google Home, and Amazon produces Echo.

However, Homepod comes with a slightly higher price tag than its competitors, and it is expected to cost $349.

2. Amazon is migrating to Apple TV

After resolving their long-time feuds, Amazon's Jeff Bezos has struck a deal with Apple so that Amazon videos can be made available to viewers on its former competitor's TV.

3. Apple Watch has been improved

Apple Watch is reportedly getting some useful updates that will improve its functionality. These include getting Siri smarter so that it can bring back old memories of accomplished goals and instruct the "wearer" how he/she can achieve all his/her planned goals for the day. The workout app has also been upgraded so that it can record multiple workouts in a single session, and provide users with more automatic measurements.

And Apple Music played during workout sessions can now synch into different categories of playlists for the watch users to select from.

4. 'High Sierra -- the new Mac operating system

High Sierra is Apple's new Mac Operating System, and it is regarded as a free update to the current Apple Sierra system. Apple confirms that it has updated its Macs, Notebooks, and Desktops.

The new desktops reportedly have better graphics performance and higher memory capacity and its notebooks have faster processors and faster solid-state hard drives.

5. iOS11 has been redesigned

The Control Center has been revamped and Siri now speaks more naturally to iPhone users. Apple has introduced person-to-person Apple Pay and the GPS now has indoor maps for places at shopping malls.

6. New models of iPad Pro

Apple unveiled new iPad Pro models with some new and improved productivity features. The basic screen size of the higher end tablet has been increased to 10.5 inches, and the larger version will now have 512 GB of storage. The iPad assumes some of the functionalities of Mac. It is now possible for users to multitask on iPad and do drag and drop image editing/production previously available only on Mac.