The Cupertino-based tech giant recently acquired the sleep tracking hardware company, Beddit. One of the most recent claims about the acquisition is that its app will be integrated into the upcoming Apple Watch Series 3.

Relevance of the latest acquisition

The acquisition was not announced by Apple but was discovered on Beddit's website. The Finnish company is known for developing sleep tracking devices that work with iPhones and Apple smartwatches. The company's privacy section was recently updated and consumer data is now subject to the tech giant's privacy policy

To some analysts, Apple acquiring apps and companies is nothing new.

The company has been doing this for years. The Cupertino-based tech giant most often acquires businesses to advance its products. There are several reports, however, claiming that this latest move might be a significant indicator that the company is preparing something big for its next-generation smartwatch.

The recent acquisition is expected to roll out massive changes in the upcoming wearable device. This includes enhanced heart rate analysis, sleep analysis, and respiratory analysis. These features can be accessed through the company's HealthKit app.

What to expect from the upcoming release

From the recent reports, it appears that the company is looking into developing its wearables -- specifically its watches -- for health and fitness.

It can be recalled that a research report revealed Apple Watch's capability to potentially detect arterial fibrillation -- the greatest heart failure trigger, according to medical experts. The research further acknowledged the potential contribution in terms of tracking these mostly undetected and undiagnosed types of heart arrhythmias.

This has the potential to literally be life saving technology.

The much-awaited, latest generation of the watch is expected to be released in September of 2017, along with the heavily speculated flagship device, the iPhone 8. Stay tuned for more updates as soon as they become available regarding the company and its latest products.