Once again, the delayed release on Apple’s long awaited #iPhone 8 is the most talked about rumor in the tech world. This latest rumor seems to be believable as the Apple’s manufacturers claimed that they seem to be going through production Delay.

Production delay on Apple’s long-awaited iPhone 8

The latest rumor about Apple’s highly anticipated mobile device is courtesy of an unknown investor said by RBC Capital Markets, RBC said that Apple’s manufacturers claimed that the highly anticipated smartphone is taking longer than expected. The anticipated flagship mobile device from Apple is claimed to be delayed due to its ambitious design.

Specifically, due to the combined features of the home button on the iPhone 8, manufacturing of OLED displays are causing difficulties on Samsung.

Moreover, the most anticipated flagship mobile device is said to have one crucial feature that may lead to its downfall against its common rivals in terms of the data connection. According to some media outlets, the newest X16 LTE of Qualcomm modems might be disregarded by Apple regardless of its capabilities of super fast connections which are said to be 1 gigabit per second.

Apple’s reason for delay

This decision by Apple is predisposed by its reluctance to be dependent on only 1 manufacturer on an iPhone key component. One sample of this is an iPhone 7 uses both modems supplied by Intel and Qualcomm.

As this may help the Cupertino-based giant tech company to meet the enormous demand for its newly released mobile devices, It has been said that Apple’s main problem might be because Intel’s modem is not going to be ready and available when the iPhone 8 launches.

The Cupertino-based giant tech company is hesitating to seal the deal with the famous Qualcomm because of the fact that both companies are presently having legal issues.

Because of this, Apple will continue the use of the 2 modems from Intel and Qualcomm.

RBC claimed that the highly anticipated mobile phone will have a company price of $154.60, which is 8.7 percent lower than RBC’s prediction price. If the iPhone 8 does come with all the rumored specs, the much awaited Apple device might cost more than a thousand dollars.

Interested Apple fans might have to wait patiently than usual, as the highly anticipated iPhone 8 is reported to roll out later than its September release. Reports are claiming that the next-gen iPhone might be delayed because of its all-new design.