It is a known fact that Apple has been developing Self-Driving Car technology in secret. The company officials have never confirmed that the iDevice maker is dedicated to developing autonomous vehicle but there have been plenty of signs to deduce that Apple has been busy with such a project. However, in a recent interview with Bloomberg, Apple chief tim cook, for the first time, shed light on his company’s plans in the autonomous car business.

Cook mentioned that not only is the Cupertino-based company involved in autonomous technology, they were in fact deeply focused on making it a reality.

Cook also mentioned that the AI creation needed for this self- driving vehicular technology was perhaps the toughest that the company had ever faced.

Tim Cook confirms Apple working on self-driving vehicles

Similar to other companies like the Alphabet-owned Waymo, which is also trying to come up with an autonomous car technology and solution, Apple has been working on the autonomous vehicle project for some time. Initially, the company had plans on designing its own automobile but those plans were rolled back and it was finalized that the company would instead work on creating the technology for self-driving vehicle, rather than the car itself.

In the interview, Cook also mentioned his love for electric cars.

He stated that it is quite an amazing experience to not have to stop at a gas or refilling station while traveling in a car. His words came just a week after Tesla, the Elon Musk owned electric car company, briefly became the fourth most valuable auto company in the world. However, Cook did not give a specific answer on whether Apple would ever produce its own car.

History of Apple’s autonomous technology development

Earlier plans of the company to launch its own car based on the self-driving technology was quashed when Apple veteran Bob Mansfield took the lead on the project. He scrapped the goal of creating a car and instead set the team to focus entirely on developing the software for the autonomous technology.

This was done in an effort to cut the costs which was out of control previously.

In April, the Cupertino-based company also managed to get the permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles in California to test out three self-driving sports utility vehicles. Leaked pictures of these vehicles in action confirmed that the company was testing its autonomous technology on the streets.

Cook’s admission comes at a point when people are already aware of Apple’s work in the self-driving vehicle space. It is still exciting to see the reports being confirmed. People will now have to wait and watch what the Cupertino-based company can do in this sector.