Apple is quickly making changes to its offerings as the mega giant announced the release of Siri speakers to compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo. A fall release of the iPhone 8 is also coming amid fake rumors about Apple's latest phone release. As Apple continues to evolve with its offerings, it was announced that the company will release big changes to iOS 11.

Latest changes to the iOS

CNBC reported that Apple released the details of its latest operating system version 11 for the iPhone and iPad. It includes five big changes for device users.

Currently, the latest system is in the development stages, and it will add new features timed to the release of the iPhone 8. The first feature to be added is the ability to drag and drop items between applications. One example is that device users will be able to drag and drop photos into email instead of having to tap on an object and making it an attachment to email. Apple has also added Apple Pay so that users can send peer-to-peer payments to other users. Payments are linked to a user's credit or debit card and don't require any messy configuration. Other features include the introduction of a new app store, and improvements in the Siri speakers. Users may also expect a control center that allows them to tweak their phones.

Apple gets serious about the iPad; problems with accessories highlighted

Forbes reported that Apple has struggled with a shrinking market over the last three years for its iPad. To counteract the smaller tablet market, the company introduced its lowest priced version of the iPad that includes a 9.7 inch screen. New enhancements to the device will occur with the introduction of iOS 11.

The latest price for the iPad is $154, which is in line with the rest of the tablet market. The latest version of the iPad will cater to the lower end of the market instead of the higher end.

Business Insider reported that the $100 pencil used with Apple devices highlights the problems involved with the company's accessories.

Without purchasing the $129 leather case for the iPad, there is nowhere to put the pencil. The pencil stand offered costs about $29.95 and comes in the following colors: gold, silver, and space gray. It looks like an over-sized thimble. The problem is that it doesn't charge the pencil. To charge the pencil, users must plug it into the bottom of the iPad Pro. This device, like the Apple Watch band, which costs about $549, highlights the pricey or unnecessary accessories that Apple store offers.