With the release of Apple's latest iPhone just a few months away, the mega corporation opened the door to a new avenue with the latest release of the Siri speaker. Siri opens the door for Apple to compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

How will Apple compete with Google and Amazon?

The Washington Post reported that Apple may decide to compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo for sound quality. Their Siri-infused speaker will focus on providing quality surround sound. One additional feature users may see is the ability of Siri to determine the size of the room it is in and then adjust the sound accordingly.

The feature may be based on the Sonos speakers that use a feature called TruePlay, where it uses a microphone to measure the size of the room. Although Google and Amazon both have speakers they market that are integrated with their services, neither company has the strength to compete with Apple when it comes to sound quality with music.

Bloomberg reported that the new speaker entered overseas production ahead of the yearly conference held by Apple. The company has had the speaker in development for some time, and it could debut at the annual conference held in June. The new speaker would be deeply integrated into the other technology developed by Apple, and it would offer customers two main purposes.

First, it would be integrated into the HomeKit System, which was developed to offer a hub to automate turning on lights and appliances. The second purpose would be to lock customers into Apple developed services since Google and Amazon don't provide a platform to play the company's music. Customers are more likely to opt for Google and Amazon since they offer apps for services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play.

Will Apple topple the market?

Investorplace reported that the Siri speaker is being developed to topple the market. The company partnered with Taiwanese company Inventec Corp to manufacture the speaker. Current offerings by Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have left a gap in the market because they don't offer good sound quality.

Apple's Beats Audio division will use its technical expertise to develop a sound experience currently not offered in the market. The Siri speaker will offer eight drivers that include a woofer and seven tweeters while the Google Home has one driver with two passive radiators. The Amazon Echo only has two drivers. Another feature of the Siri speaker is that it will resemble the Mac Pro, but it won't have a display. Other technology recently in development by the mega giant included the new touch screen technology being developed for the iPhone 8 set for a fall release.