Ultimate abilities are an essential part of Overwatch and using them at the right time and the right place could turn the tide. Just one perfectly-timed ultimate is enough to wipe the opposing team and change the course of the entire match. In this article, we will count down the five deadliest ultimates in the game.

Abilities will be ranked according to their raw destructive power, so there will be no Mercy, Zenyatta, Lucio and other support heroes on this list, as their ultimate abilities don't do any damage.

#5 - Bastion (Configuration: Tank)

During its ultimate ability phase, Bastion turns into a highly-mobile Tank that is capable of wreaking havoc! Not only does its turret do lethal damage, but it gains additional armor and mobility which helps with taking down the targets.

Bastion's turret does 205 damage per hit and it can fire approximately one shot every second. The ultimate ability lasts for eight seconds, which is more than enough to annihilate the opponent!

#4 - Pharah (Barrage)

Pharah surely loves flying high and make "justice rain from above", and her ultimate ability can wipe the opposing team in just a few seconds if done correctly. Her ultimate is a barrage of rockets that does insane damage to whoever they hit, and she also has a positional advantage.

On a direct hit, Pharah's rocket does 40 damage and she fires 30 rockets per second! Even though her ultimate ability lasts for only three seconds, its destructive potential is so high that even an additional second would make it overpowered.

#3 - Reaper (Death Blossom)

Reaper's ultimate ability is all about dealing massive damage in close range, and his shotguns are just perfect for that! During his ultimate, Reaper spins and deals lethal damage to anyone around him, and this damage is enough to kill most of the heroes within just two seconds.

Death Blossom deals 170 damage per second and just like Pharah's ability, it lasts for only three seconds. While his ultimate ability is not enough to take tanks down, his shotguns are so powerful that they are capable of finishing targets off quickly after his ultimate is over.

#2 - Genji (Dragonblade)

Genji's incredible mobility and high damage output make him one of the deadliest heroes in the game, and his ultimate ability is also amazing, despite the nerfs. During it, Genji unleashes his blade which does massive damage with every swing and lasts for six seconds.

Genji's blade does 120 damage per swing during his ultimate ability phase, and he retains his mobility during it. Blade damage is good enough for taking down every single hero in the game and if used correctly, it will turn the tables and change the outcome of the game very easily.

#1 - D.Va (Self-Destruct)

D.Va and her mech are capable of delivering the most lethal ultimate ability in Overwatch.

She is a tank hero whose ultimate is surprisingly devastating and it has potential to take down the entire opposing team upon its detonation.

During her ultimate ability, D.Va ejects from her mech and sets it to explode. This is especially amazing since it can be used as a ranged ability, allowing D.Va to fly up high with her mech and point it to the target. The ultimate ability does 1000 damage to the nearest targets and its 20-meter radius is incredible! Next time you hear "Nerf this!", you better run for your life, or D.Va could score a team kill against you!