D.Va from “Overwatch” is now playable in the public test realm (PTR) for “Heroes of the Storm,” Blizzard’s ensemble crossover MOBA. To make this exciting news even better, a new gameplay video shows off just what the hero is like in the game.

In “Heroes of the Storm,” D.Va fights in Mech and Pilot mode with abilities specific to both. Obliterating her Mech or destroying the flawless female hero (when she’s on foot) counts for only half of the usual XP a player gets for a successful kill on most other characters. She can also shoot while moving in Mech, although her movement becomes 15 percent slower.

The impeccable D.Va

D.Va is the fifth character to join “Heroes,” following Zarya, Tracer, Lucio and Genji. She has the ability to increase movement speed by 125 percent for two seconds, as well as knock back and cause damage to enemies she hits. With her Defense Matrix, D.Va can minimize damage dealt by enemy heroes caught in the defensive field by 75 percent. What’s more, she has the ability to either self-destruct her Mech that can cause medium to massive damage.

While clearly one of “Overwatch’sfavorite tanks, there’s a caveat to the character in “Heroes of the Storm.” Her primary weakness in the PTR seems to be her lack of other survivability traits. However, her attacks reduce cooldowns on her Mech and self-destruct, so hitting it all the way may be worth the risk for players.

Heroic abilities and more perks

Playing D.Va in “Heroes” will unlock new skins for “Overwatch.” With patch 2.0 (that went live in late April), players can unlock portraits, sprays, banners and mounts as well. Players are given numerous quests to complete, which will be available until May 22. These rewards are also offered to those on consoles, which will require players to link their “Heroes” Blizzard account with their console account.

Regarding D.Va’s heroic abilities, the official announcement indicates two – the Bunny Hop (Mech) and Big Shot (Pilot). With Bunny Hop, the hero’s Mech becomes relentless and stomps every 0.5 seconds. She can slow down enemies by almost 50%, and this lasts for four seconds. On the other hand, Big Shot will cause damage to all enemies in a line.

Call Mech’s cool down is minimized by 8 seconds.

The special event will have different rewards each week. There will be a police mount in HotS, loot boxes for both games and a lot more. Players who want to unlock the content from the previous Nexus Challenge are also given a chance, and obtain as many as 20 free characters.

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