Google released its security update for this month on May 2. The security update has been pushed out for a number of Nexus and Pixel devices.

The security update has been released in both in the form of factory images and OTA files. If any user wishes to install the update through the Over-The-Air notification, they will receive the same within May 5. However, if a Nexus or Pixel user wants to manually install the update, they can do so by flashing the factory images from Google’s developer website.

Which devices are getting the monthly patch?

If you own any one of the following devices then get ready to install the May Android Security Patch on your smartphone.

For the unfamiliar, Google pushes out a monthly security update for Android devices each month and its own smartphones and tablets are the first to benefit. The update is also released for Android devices from other OEMs.

The Pixel and Nexus devices whose factory images are available include the regular Google Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as the carrier variants of the two from Deutsche Telekom and Verizon. The Nexus 9 tablet – the Wi-Fi and LTE variants – also get the patch. The May patch also makes its way to the Pixel C, the older-gen Nexus 5, and the Nexus Player. Even the Nexus 6 and Pixel Nexus 6P will get the update. The Pixel C tablet is also in line for the monthly patch.

Issues targeted by the May security patch

Google in its May 2017 Android Security bulletin details the vulnerabilities that the latest patch would be fixing once rolled out. The company states that the most severe security issues affecting the system have been dubbed Critical. The security issue can enable remote code execution in the device.

The assessment of the issue severity was based on the effect the vulnerability can possibly have on the affected device if one the issue was exploited. However, Google revealed that it did not receive any reports from customers regarding abuse and exploitation of these newly-discovered and reported issues. It also urges the users of its Nexus and Pixel Android devices to update the handsets as soon as possible to get rid of these reported vulnerabilities.

Limited time period for the patch

Google's support page has clearly mentioned that these devices will be getting security updates for just three years since the time the handsets appeared for sale on Google Store. In another scenario the handset will continue to receive updates only up to 18 months from when the Google Store last retailed the device. For instance the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones will not receive guaranteed security updates untilOctober 2019.