Within 64 days after the launch of the Android 8.0 Oreo, Google has released the much-anticipated Android 8.1 Developer Preview with several features. The latest release includes not only minor but also important features and updates. The Android 8.1 Developer Preview is currently available for users who have joined the Android beta tester program. Moreover, the preview is compatible only with Nexus and Pixel series smartphones. The latest Android version is in the form of a developer preview but the full version will launch in December 2017 after addressing feedback.

In this article, we will examine the top features of the latest preview build.

Automated themes

Google has provided support for automatic light and dark theme. It works in such a way that the theme of the device will automatically change depending upon the type of wallpaper.

Bluetooth battery levels

The Android 8.1 preview has integrated a feature with which users will be able to view the battery levels of connected Bluetooth devices. Hence, the display of the battery level will help them to know when the relevant accessory should be charged.

Improved settings

Google has completely enhanced the Settings app with improvements. The search icon located on the top-right side of the Settings page has been rearranged.

Interestingly, the color of the navigation buttons will automatically fade if the device is left idle for a long time.

Updated notification alerts

The new Android release has been designed in such a way to deliver one notification alert per second irrespective of the total number of notifications. The device will issue an alert only once even if you have plenty of incoming notifications after you establish connectivity with the Wi-Fi.

Removal of Wi-Fi sleep option

The big disappointment with Android 8.1 developer preview is that Google has removed the ability to disable the Wi-Fi during sleep. The real purpose of this feature was to extend the battery life. With the removal, users need to manually disable the Wi-Fi.

With the help of the latest Android developer preview, it is possible to disable all the notifications that show the apps running in the background with the Apps using Battery option.

The Android platform is virtually non-existent without an Easter egg and the latest version brings back all the lost glory by integrating a new egg. The refreshed power button functionality is also a big bonus for users. Finally, the download manager notification in Android has been given a lower priority to save space and resources.