Today, "clash royale" rolled out the latest spell called Heal, which from the name itself, has the ability to heal your troops. It is worth noting that in the widely played mobile strategy game, "clash of clans" the same spell offers the most powerful effects the player can have as his weapon. In addition, the spell can turn a failing siege around with just one application of the potent spell.

This same spell is about to be featured in "Clash Royale." We have the latest guide with tips and tricks on how to get the upcoming spell ahead of its official release.

The only way is through the Heal Draft Challenge.

Heal Spell

Just like all the other strategy alternatives in the game, the Heal Spell is in the form of a card. It is depicted as a crystal bottle or a glowing glass containing a clear, amber-goldish liquid. For the player to obtain this card, he has to unlock Arena 10 popularly known as the Hog's Mountain.

The spell has the ability to heal friendly troops within its range and during its entire duration. One important thing to note about the spell is that it is not applicable for repairing buildings. To be able to play the card, the player needs to have three elixirs. He must also have a radius of three squares and is able to last for three seconds regardless of spell level.

Aside from that, the spell cannot heal destroyed troops, so it is best not to use it on weak troops that could possibly get destroyed by a single shot by the time you play the spell.

Every spell level improves the amount of healing the spell does in every second. This covers from 100 per second during the first level and will shoot up to 256 per second on the eleventh level.

It is noticeable that the additional healing increases with every upgrade.

How to get the spell

For players to be able to get this spell earlier than the official release, they must win the Heal Draft Challenge. This challenge is similar to the regular match. However, ever battle starts with a player selecting to play against or play with the Heal Spell.

The opponent is offered the choice called drafting when chosen before the game.

In this challenge, after a set number of wins, rewards are given out. For instance, six wins will reward the player with ten Heal Spell cards. If the player wins 12, he will be rewarded with 100 Heals. As soon as the player get the spell card in this manner, it will then appear in the chest, specifically, in any of the chests even before its official launch in "Clash Royale."