In the past 24 hours, "League of Legends" has retired its old Legacy Client. The latest client in the game was not received as warmly as Riot expected. The team recently launched footage listing the effective tips and tricks for players to serve as their guide when playing with the new client. We have made a rundown of the essentials in the hopes that it might aid your enjoyment of the game.

Make sure to log in while patching

With the former client, if you have an update to make, normally, you would just wait for the patch to finish. As a player, you cannot get into the client.

With this latest client, you can now log in and chat with other players. In addition, you can also get a glimpse at your match history as one of the many things that you can do while updating the game.

News & patch notes in client

With the new client, you can now access the latest patch notes, news, and overview of the updates and the recent happenings in "League of Legends." There are three icons named overview, news, and patch notes located at the top left side of the homepage.

Mobile & offline friends can now be hidden

The game now provides the option to group all your mobile and offline friends. You can cluster them in one category and make them disappear, or simply hide them. You can also do this if you want to interact with online real-time players.

Place chat anywhere

Unlike the Legacy client, this latest one gives you the freedom to place the chat wherever you want. You can open the chat and move it anywhere in your client.

Low-spec mode

If you are one of those players who often encounter lags while playing "League of Legends," then this new mode from the new client will make you happy.

The game has now got low-spec mode. From the term itself, you can activate this to loose several visual integrity is some images. It works well and will make you feel a lot better and will save you the stress of getting annoyed from lags.

Practice tool

This is one of the best improvements the new client brought along. For players who would like to try a new champion, you can try it out by using the practice tool.

To do this, customize your desired settings, pick your champion, and load it up into the Rift.

Watch replays

Another best selling point of the new "League of Legends" client is that players can watch replays. Maybe you had a sweet kill that your friends would not buy unless shown proof. With the new client, you can now Check back at your gameplay and record game footage.