After several months of leaks and speculation, finally, the highly-anticipated Shipwreck feature is coming to "clash of clans." In the past weeks, there have been numerous reports of the massive update that will roll out in the game. Supercell, the game developer, however, clarified that the update is still in the works.

Shipwreck feature

In March 2017, Supercell invited several "Clash of Clans" YouTube personalities to its headquarters in Finland. It is worth noting that the developer has a reputation of doing this prior to launching a massive update.

Reportedly, these personalities were asked to try the next feature(s) that the team will add to the game.

A recent report is claiming that Galadon and Powerbang were one of those few who were fortunate enough to have tried the upcoming Shipwreck feature. On their respective Twitter accounts, these two YouTube influencers posted what they think about the game's next feature.

In fact, on his YouTube channel, Powerbang is not only hyping up the next update, but his expression genuinely indicates that the next one is a never-before-seen update in the game.

Hint(s) on the next update

While researching for a possible update for "Clash of Clans," I happened to check on the game's forum. The screencap shown along with this article caught my attention and could be a strong hint about the highly awaited shipwreck feature. The forum moderator LachnessMeownster updated the forum and said that the update is still in the works.

The moderator also added that the team wanted to share the update but they are not yet ready. He also noted that what is coming is different from what has previously been rolled out.

On the bottommost part of the update thread, it is noticeable that the moderator enumerated three clues about the next "Clash of Clans" update.

However, interestingly, the first sentence gave away the hint all fans have been waiting for. The term aboat was italicized, which could be an indication that it was not a typographical error. It was given emphasis and it was well-concealed in the sentence to make it sound catchy. The Shipwreck feature is what most fans wanted to roll out in the game. Whether the term aboat indicates anything else more than the shipwreck still remains to be seen.

From the clues, the moderator said that the update will not be Town Hall 12. In addition, it is not about level 13 walls. The third clue emphasized that this update is both unique and massive. So far, the Town Hall 12 and level 13 walls were included in the previous updates.

One considerable factor about the shipwreck feature really rolling out soon, is that it satisfies all three clues.

The next "Clash of Clans" update that will introduce the shipwreck feature allegedly will be released in May 2017. The date is still yet to be confirmed by Supercell. However, if the YouTube personalities were able to test out the feature, then the date could be accurate. Most likely, last minute tweaking and polishing is in the works right now. After all, the boat that Powerbang posted on Twitter looks amazing.