The much-awaited Fitbit smartwatch, which has been delayed due to production mishaps has finally managed to overcome all problems. The rumored smartwatch is expected to be launched this fall. Leaked images obtained by Yahoo Finance highlight the rumored specs of the expected smartwatch.

According to the leaked images, the smartwatch looks like the revamped version of one of the existing wearables in the company’s product line called the Blaze. According to one of the sources, the product sports more retro looking features. Many people had previously complained about the fitness tracker’s look.

Rumored specs of the smartwatch

The device with the internal codename “Higgs” is expected to feature a color display similar to the Apple Watch Series 2. It is expected that the color display would come with 1,000 nits of brightness. FitBit is also expected to allow users the ability to measure their heart beat with the help of the heart rate monitor.

The rumored wearable is expected to launch this fall andis anticipated to come with a built-in GPS chip. The smartwatch is also speculated to offer touch-less payment options, as well as will be able to store and play music from Pandora. According to Yahoo Finance, Pandora was not the first choice for the company. Initially FitBit was eyeing a partnership with Spotify for music streaming.

One of the best features of the alleged device is that it supports four days of battery life with in-between charges. The Fitbit smartwatch is expected to sport an aluminum unibody design. This will allow the users to change their watchbands. The device is expected to be priced at $300

Bluetooth earbuds

The San Francisco-based company is also expected to release a pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

They have been codenamed “Parkside.” The earphones have a design similar to the Beats X earbuds from Apple. The wireless earbuds are expected to come in two colors namely Nightfall Blue and Lunar Gray.

According to the leaked image of the Nightfall Blue earbuds obtained by Yahoo, the earbuds are expected to feature a metallic look.

Apart from this, the earbuds have the traditional design of in-ear molds, which helps cut down the ambient noise. It is expected that the earbuds will be priced at $150.

Why the delay?

The FitBit smartwatch has reportedly encountered innumerable design mishaps, which led to the launch delay. According to few early rumors, the GPS design that was enabled in the smartwatch, showed problems as the antenna was placed in the wrong position. The FitBit design team also faced issues while trying to make the smartwatch completely waterproof. James Park, the CEO of FitBit, promised that it would come loaded with an app store, but reports suggest that the app will not be coming with project “Higgs” during the launch.