Instances of Apple’s smart assistant Siri coming to help are not new. There are numerous instances when the smart assistant saved the day and possibly saved lives. In another instance of its heroic actions, Siri, on Saturday, April 29 succeeded in saving the lives of three fishermen who were stranded at sea.

Siri saves lives

Siri saved the lives of three fishermen who got stranded in the rough sea off the coast of Key Biscayne in Florida reported Fox 4. Reports state that the 18-foot long boat capsized due to the violent waves of the sea and started to take in water.

As the boat began to sink, one of the three fishermen tried to make an emergency call to 911. However, he was unable to place the call as his fingers were cold and wet.

Thus, instead of placing a call, he summoned Apple’s smart assistant by saying “Hey Siri” and asked the Siri to place the call for him. After placing the call to the emergency services, the coast guard helicopter was able to locate the fishermen, who were later rescued by the Miami-Dade Police.

An isolated incident?

This is not the first time Siri was used by individuals to come out of a tight spot. Back in March, 4-year-old Roman used the “Hey Siri” feature to dial UK’s emergency service number 999 for his unconscious mother. Roman used his mother’s thumb to unlock the phone and call the 999 operator to ask for help as his mother went unconscious at home.

At the time of the incident Roman was at home with his twin younger brother and mother. The incident caught worldwide attention as people appreciated the child’s presence of mind and intelligence to use the Apple’s smart assistant to call the emergency hotline. The incident was so astonishing that Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to give a shout out to little Roman and his presence of mind and bravery.

In another incident, a stranded traveler came to the aid of a woman in Australia who used the voice activated smart assistant to call for an ambulance for her sick daughter. Stacy Gleeson from Crains, Australia activated Siri and asked it to call the ambulance on speaker as she continued to give CPR to her daughter who had stopped breathing.

Gleeson reckons that the sophisticated feature saved her child’s life.

Apple Watch is also a hero

Apple’s Siri is not the only one which is instrumental in rescuing people from situations. The Apple Watch also came to the aid of a student who crashed his car. The lad used the emergency SOS feature on the smartwatch to summon 911, who rushed to his aid.