This May, “clash of clans” is about to receive its biggest update so far. In fact, known video game bloggers on YouTube are now giving their assumptions of what it entails.

Little details about the upcoming update are now emerging, and it looks like some of it is accurate. A thread on Reddit about the Supercell game even revealed what might come with the update.

New game mode

The upcoming “Clash of ClansMay update is said to be having a whole new Game Mode that won’t be connected to the players’ Town Hall level or the group they belonged to.

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As a matter of fact, it has been said that the game’s current line of attacks can’t be used in this mode.

There will also be a multiplayer mode, although its other details are not yet revealed.

It is even unknown if it will be connected to “Clash Royale” or “Boom Beach.” As some think that it will be called Aquatic Mode or Night Mode, the Reddit user refused to answer.

The new mode is even considered as a new game compared to the Clan Wars that has been added to the title in 2014. Although the emerging leaks are said to be false, some of its points somehow made it true, iDigital Times reported.

The new mode might be related to a new league system and said to have features that will be for the advantage of the streamers. It, too, neither has a possibility nor impossibility not to break the usual troops versus the base plot.

Other additions and possible release date

Moreover, the boat in the game has been unlocked at Town Hall 4 and needs to be built in “Clash of ClansMay update.

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However, players don’t have to worry of their loots as it won’t cost too much. Also, it takes no time to construct and won’t have different levels.

It also has new time drop that might be connected to a new troop or building levels. And just like every update, searching for a match in Clan Wars can be adjusted. Lastly, new interface designs will be added.

Meanwhile, it is quite questionable why the source of the leaks tried to avoid entertaining the assumptions about Night Mode. As some say that the leaks details about the update are not true, this particular mode might be true.

The release date of “Clash of ClansMay update is not yet revealed, but it is expected to be out and live before the month ends. In the official statement made by Supercell’s developers, the much-awaited update is still in development.

Although it is expected to be out from May 15 to 31, fans can't expect it to be out on all platforms at the same time as mobile publishing requires certification from Apple and Google.