The WannaCry ransomware has infected computers and barred their users from getting into the operating system. Aside from those, the malicious software also encrypted all the data stored on the computers. It made countries and individual users across the globe scramble for security protection.

Latest patch

With the latest attack happening in the cyber world, Microsoft released a fresh software update. Being the most widely used operating system across the globe, it is just the perfect time for the Redmond-based tech giant to address this pressing issue.

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The latest patch rolled out fixes for the latest Windows version as well as for the old ones.

Most of the machines were left vulnerable and were infiltrated by the latest ransomware because the latest Windows updates have not been applied.

It can be recalled that in April, the Redmond-based tech giant released several fixes for Windows latest versions. Unfortunately, Windows XP was not included and was left vulnerable.

Addressing the attack

On Friday, Microsoft posted a notice on its official site concerning the update. In addition, the company provided several tips about WannaCry ransomware. The update safeguards users of Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. Moreover, unlike previous patches, this one goes all the way back to XP. In their blog post, the company states that their recent move was founded on the principle of protecting their customers’ overall ecosystem.

How to stay safe against the ransomware

In order to stay safe, users must exercise caution when clicking links, especially those sent through emails.

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It would be very helpful too if unsafe and unreliable sites are avoided. Links sent by friends must be opened after the sender confirms that it is harmless. Periodically update your computer as attacks often occur on vulnerable machines that are not updated. Moreover, always make sure to that your device is running an updated antivirus software.

With the immediate response from the Redmond-based tech giant, undoubtedly, this latest cyber attack is recognized as massive in form and scale. It not only affected a particularly country or region but caused trouble across the globe. It paralyzed operations of numerous private and government establishments and organizations where computers are vital.

Meanwhile, the identity of MalwareTech has been revealed by the UK media to be the 22-year-old Marcus Hutchins. He was the accidental hero who registered a domain name to track the spread of the virus that apparently resulted in temporarily stopping the attack.