Slimmer bezels or a real bezel-less display? These are the rumors that are circulating the web for Apple's next generation iPad. The Cupertino-based tech giant has not made any major redesign for its tablet except internal upgrades, will this year's edition get a major overhaul that it finally deserves?

According to various sources, Apple is bringing in a new improved iPad, allegedly, it will have a bigger 10.5-inch display on the dimensions of a 9.7-inch form factor. Over the years, the company's tablet design remained the same - thick bezels and a physical home button at the bottom of the tab.

However, the added display could suggest that the guys at Cupertino are planning to minimize the tab's bezels or remove it all together.

Possible changes for Apple's iPad

Several companies believe that the next-gen iPad would have lesser bezels on its sides, Softpedia recently stated that the new tab would have a bigger display despite using the old 9.7-inch frame. Nonetheless, the move could indicate that Apple is on the verge of redesigning its units this year, especially with the release of its 10th-anniversarry edition iPhone.

Like the flagship phone, the upcoming iPad could also have its fingerprint sensor embedded into its display. If the rumors prove to be true, Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 would have its hands full, unless they release the much awaited Surface Pro 5.

It is likely that Apple is planning something big later this year, the iPhone 8 and two new iPhone 7 variants will make its way in September if everything turns out according to plan.

The latest on the iPhone 8

Despite renewed interest in the iPad, tech enthusiasts are still very much enamored for the upcoming iPhone 8. All eyes are on Apple's 10th-anniversarry edition flagship phone.

Interestingly, rumors and leaks from tech insiders seem to indicate that the phone will be the company's most expensive iPhone.

Simona Jankowski of Goldman Sachs stated that the upgrades to Apple's most advanced smartphone do not come cheap. In her correspondence with Business Insider, she indicated that the base price for iPhone 8 would at least cost $1000.

Higher tiered units could fetch even more.

The next-gen iPhone could be the first bezel-less unit from Apple, according to leaks it will have 5.8-inch OLED screen, a faster NAND or DRAM memory, bigger storage starting at 128GB. Other specs include a powerful A11 processor and the absence of a physical home button.