Microsoft's new console titled "Project Scorpio" seemed to be an amazing idea. The Scorpio was meant to be a console geared towards the most hardcore of gamers. The Scorpio is coming in the middle of the current console generation but sets itself apart with better hardware and the ability to play on 4k televisions. However, it seems that Microsoft is already experiencing problems with its new console, and it hasn't even launched yet.

Scorpio? No, I'm a Virgo

It seems like Microsoft's marketing team for Project Scorpio isn't doing so well. The Nielsen Company recently released their 2017 games report, and things aren't looking good for Microsoft.

People (both gamers and non-gamers) seem to have never even heard of the Scorpio. Within the general population, only 11% have even heard of Project Scorpio.

This isn't necessarily a problem. The general population includes non-gamers, and that may be one reason that many of them haven't heard of it. The Scorpio is geared to hardcore gamers, so it's no surprise that non-gamers are unaware of it.

The more important metric to pay attention to is whether or not gamers have heard of Microsoft's new system, and it isn't much better. Only 14% of gamers have ever heard of Scorpio, and that's not something that Microsoft wants to hear. If Microsoft can't even reach their intended audience, how can you expect the Scorpio to succeed?

But what about the competition?

Maybe Microsoft isn't by themselves.

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It's only fair to look at the metrics for Playstation's mid-generation console, the Ps4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is similar to the Scorpio in that it's coming out in the middle of the console generation with souped up hardware and the ability to play on 4k televisions.

Apparently PlayStation's marketing team for the Pro knows what they're doing because their metrics seem to be much more positive compared to Microsoft. Within the general population, 21% have said that they've heard of PlayStation's new console. Now, this may not seem that great, but compared to Microsoft's measly 11% it looks amazing.

The Pro, like Project Scorpio, is geared towards the hardcore gaming crowd so that this metric may mean less compared to the parameters of their intended audience. The Pro recorded a whopping 27% within the gaming population almost doubling Microsoft's metrics. This may be because the Pro has already been released, and the Scorpio hasn't, but it's easy to see that if Microsoft can't improve those number, then it may end up being a problem for them come release.

Project Scorpio is set to release during the 2017 holiday season.