Leaks and images of Apple's 10th-anniversarry iPhone are apparently all over the web. If these are rumors are true, should fans be worried that it is becoming less of Steve Jobs' vision for the iconic smartphone?

According to a financial firm, the iPhone 8 may leave many users disappointed. Moreover, JPMorgan believes that the phone is becoming less of the original 2007 iPhone. Tech pundits and observers agree that it is slowly becoming an Android clone, design wise.

9to5Mac was able to obtain the reports from the multinational company. According to the website, Apple is allegedly planning to release three variants of the smartphone.

True to their tradition, the Cupertino-based giant will release two new variants of the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus.

The third phone will be Apple's 10th-anniversarry version of the iPhone or the iPhone 8. The lengthy report includes new renders for the much-awaited smartphone and accordingly, that is where all the disappointment is coming from, especially with the phone's new design.

Design is similar to Samsung's Galaxy S8

In contrast to eye-popping renders of the iPhone 8 around the web, the financial firm claims that the new device will not have tiny 4-millimeter bezels around its display. More importantly, the iPhone 8's edge-to-edge panel will look similar to the samsung galaxy s8.

Apple's flagship phone will also have visible top and bottom bezels that will complement the new scheme. The following diagrams illustrate the alleged design:

Additionally, the two iPhone 7 variants will have the same basic design except for a glass back that is similar to the iPhone 8.

Accordingly, the new model will allow the phones to support wireless charging. The glass design will also combine stainless steel and glass to give consumers a more premium feel. Furthermore, the combination allows the phone to maximize its structural integrity that was absent in the all glass design of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

More on the iPhone 8's design

Luckily, despite rumors that Apple will place the fingerprint sensor at the back, JPMorgan's report claims that integrating the Touch ID into the front panel remains in the company's plans. The firm also reiterated that the 10th-anniversarry iPhone would use an L-shaped battery that allows it to store 30 percent more power than previous models.

All in all, these new upgrades will add $75 to $80 to the original manufacturing cost aside from the phone's construction expenses. The new added value will allegedly push the price to more than $1000. Notably, the addition of the AirPods will press the value even higher.

The new report got the ire of many iPhone fans for allegedly having a less ambitious anniversary version.

Moreover, reports of the AirPods being part of the iPhone 8 bundle seems to raise a few eyebrows.

Collectively, Apple's premier wireless headset is facing a supply shortage, and its possible inclusion in the iPhone 8 package will certainly not please many of its fans.