Riot recently rolled out the latest 7.8 Patch Update to "League of Legends," which introduced several changes to the game. Apart from the massive updates Maokai was given a nice tweak making him less passive and a lot more active champion. There has been changes in his Saplings and his Ultimate that makes him more interesting play with or to battle with.


Among the changes that have rolled out to The Twisted Treant includes a slight change to his passive Sap Magic. While his basic attacks heal him, the Sap Magic cooldown has been reduced for every spell he casts.In addition, Sapling Toss became more strategic.Now, Saplings lasts longer and deals with more damage over time when tossed into brushes.

Moreover, Maokai's Nature Grasp has been reworked totally. This has replaced Vengeful Maelstrom that players have been used to. It now comes with a fresh animation. In addition, it summons a massive wall of thorns and thistles. These brambles have the ability to push top lane forward while engaging enemy champions.

Although the champion has met several changes, there are some who does not view it as substantial. His Ultimate according to some "League of Legends" players is indeed interesting, however, it appears to be much slower than a Nanu snowball. The good part of the champion's Ultimate is that it is effective when projected from behind the enemy. It is also excellent for enemies caught in an inappropriate position.

It appears that the latest changes are more of style rather than substance.


In the recent statistics at of "League of Legends," Maokai has a win rate of 46.03 percent. For players planning to use him in future battles, it is best to accumulate attack speed and armor. Begin by building Spirit Visage until Randuin's Omen for maximum efficiency.

For players who would like to avoid problems in the Summoner's Rift using Maokai, always ensure to ban Wukong. The Monkey King is very effective in countering the champion. If Monkey king is paired against the champion, the match could go lengthy. On the other hand, Maokai is effective against Jarvan IV, Gnar, and Poppy.

Other Tank changes

Aside from Maokai, Sejuani and Zac also received several changes. Sejuani's Permafrost has been redesigned, while the passive Frost Armor now grants bonus resistances. Moreover, Glacial Prison releases a freezing zone that lags all enemies inside. For Zac, the Secret Weapon now has two forms of crowd-control abilities. We will go into an in-depth report for other "League of Legends" champions in our succeeding articles.