Niantic Labs has been very busy making improvements and releasing events in "Pokemon GO." During the most recent Easter Eggstravaganza, the company silently roll out another update that is unknown to the majority of trainers. Moreover, a recent leak suggests that Shiny pocket monsters will come in massive number anytime soon.

Spoofing slammed

A few days ago, right after the culmination of the Easter Eggstravaganza, some players had discovered that they were catching the same creatures with different IVs and movesets. Apart from that, some trainers also reported that the Wild Pokemon they catch no longer have the same core stats and has become similar with the Shinies.

Niantic Labs just shut down a common Spoofing tactic in "Pokemon GO." The developer scrambled and randomized the Movesets, height and weight data, as well as the IVs for Wild pocket monsters for every level until level 25. In other words, if you spawn a monster at level 24 and another player at level 12 both will produce two entirely different creatures in almost every way. Previously, in instances like these, both creatures have been similar including their IVs and movesets.

For spoofers, using a scanner to look for Wild creatures using the best IV or movesets will be useless with this latest move from the developer since the data will be randomly allocated to different levels, ranging from 1 up to 25.

This is the team's third silent change implemented to combat spoofing. It can be recalled that Niantic previously hit common spoofing system in Android. They also introduced the Shiny Magikarp, a unique type that is hardly located and spoofed by trainers.

Shinies are coming

The recent randomization implemented in the game not only combat spoofing within the game.

It is also a potential indication of more Shiny pocket monsters arriving soon in the game. The addition appears to be a preparation for these type of creatures. It is also possible that the company will introduce these type of Pokemon in every event or activity just like what they did with the shiny Magikarp in the Water Festival event.

Apart from the possible massive arrival of Shinies in the game, it is also a possibility that the company is preparing the groundwork for the highly anticipated Gym overhaul update. It is a powerful and essential effort that will level the playing field for those who honestly play the game against those who took the shortcut. With three major updates announced to arrive this year, no doubt, there will be more spoofing mechanics that will be released soon in "Pokemon GO."