The competition is just getting started. In the previous week, the Redmond-based tech giant rolled out the final major update to its most recent Windows 10 also popularly known as the Creators Update. However, what most tech enthusiasts are looking forward to aside from this latest development is the May 2 event in New York.

May event

According to several claims, at the said event, the company will showcase its latest hardware and software. In addition, there was some speculation that this year, the event will center on education-focused hardware.

At this same event, analysts believe that Microsoft will launch the heavily speculated Windows 10 Cloudbook.

Google Chromebook

In the latest data released by IDC, it is interesting to note that Google is making massive progress in the field of education with their Chromebooks. The company occupied the 49 percent of the market, which is a big lead from only nine percent in 2013. This is reflective of the US market alone. However, this is a market that has great potential and any company seeing these figures will really think twice about making a product to get into that market.

Upcoming device

A recent report from MSPoweruser revealed a patent filing in December by the Redmond-based software giant.

This sparked speculation of a potential upcoming device that the company will unveil soon. According to recent claims, this device which is dubbed as the Windows 10 Cloudbook would be a cost-efficient device and will run apps from the cloud. Analysts suggest that the device will directly compete with the Chromebooks, which is running on Chrome OS.

For its part, it will utilize the Windows 10 Cloud operating system. The latest operating system is an exclusive version of Windows 10. In other words, it can only run apps from Windows Store.

System requirements

Given that the device will be focused on education, it will need minimal requirement. This includes a Quad-core processor, Celeron or higher.

In addition, it will need 4GB of RAM, only 32GB of space or 64 GB for 64 –bit, and a battery bigger than 40WHr. requires, it also requires fast eMMC or SSD for storage.

At this point, the company has not revealed anything yet about this latest talk on Windows 10 Cloudbook. If it is indeed taking on the Chromebooks, we will all know during the May 2 event. The company has a massive mission ahead if it is going to match Chromebooks, which has been positioned in the market as cost-efficient, secure, and reliable computing device.We will keep you posted on the updates about this alleged upcoming device from Microsoft.