The recent release of Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, and LG G6 are just a few of the leading smartphone flagships who have raised the standard in the field of smartphone devices. With the image of producing superior smartphones specifically iPhones that revolutionize the industry, the pressure laid on Apple’s shoulder, for now, is quite heavy. Consumers now are wondering what would the iPhone 8 be like.

Apart from being the focus of speculations and leaks, very little was known about the Cupertino-based tech giant’s upcoming flagship device.

As part of the company’s tradition, they do not reveal any detail about their soon-to-launch products. However, given the early benchmarks set by large competitors from South Korea, the only thing that the American tech giant can do is to be at par or above, going below the grills of your competitors would mean total disaster regarding sales and patronage.

Schematic diagram

The only time we get to know about the iPhone 8 is through speculations and leaks. Right now, the leak about the flagship device speaks a lot about what patrons can expect about the popular flagship. On Twitter, Sony Dickson, a serial leaker posted of what he claims to be the schematic diagram of the next flagship phone from the Cupertino-based tech conglomerate.

From several reports, it was said that the diagram came from Foxconn. This information, however, was not confirmed or acknowledged by Foxconn or Apple.

Design from the leak

The schematics showed that there were massive changes in the design of the device. If we are to base on the previous leaks and speculations, it appears that these changes are radical, to say the least.

One noticeable difference is the placement of the Touch Id. This time the sensor was shown located at the back of the phone along with vertically set dual camera module.

Apple has been speculated to be the first company to embed on its flagship device the next-generation sensor. Apart from that, analysts suggest that the latest leak also highlights one of the features that have also been the center of the recent talks—the Augmented Reality.

According to speculations, the most recent change in the camera adds credence to the previous buzz that the Cupertino-based tech giant will integrate an augmented reality feature to its upcoming flagship device. Right now, there is no substantial claim yet as to what could be the purpose of the said feature aside from the fact that it would require a different camera sensor. With the recent news that the company is facing few problems in manufacturing, it is most likely that the unveiling of the iPhone 8 will come later than expected.