The Mark Zuckerberg's social network, Facebook is ready to offer financial compensation to the media with which it collaborates in its fight against "Fake News." This is a decision that reveals the difficulties of the social network to put on its suit as a referee, reported media on Thursday.

Facebook decided to fight against fake news after it was accused of having allowed false information to spread on its platform during the American presidential campaign. But now the new ads from the social network could make its action more concrete than it has ever been.

Facebook warns if detected fake news

Speaking to the Financial Times, Adam Mosseri, vice president of Facebook, says he is ready to pay for editorial work with the company since the launch of his tool for verifying information shared by its 1.5 billion users daily.

"If cooperation involves a financial commitment, then we are open to it. It is difficult to know what prompted Facebook to take this step forward. It has been in place for months in various countries such as the United States, Germany, and France, and this device, which we are talking about at the time of its announcement, takes the form of a user reporting procedure," Mosseri added.

Adam Mosseri continued: "When the latter think that content circulating on the social network is suspect, then they make it go up within a specific portal to which the media partners have access (the third-party Fact-checkers which include AFP, Le Monde, and BFMTV ).

The journalistic verification work is carried out; If any of the two media conclude that the reported information is false, then a warning appears as a banner under the preview," the vice president added to the Financial Times.

A guide to better distinguish fake news

In addition, Facebook on Friday announced in a statement that it has launched a "teaching tool on its platform which aims at helping users to better spot misinformation." In the form of a short guide, accessible at the top of the news feed of each one, it will give the advice to facilitate the detection of fake news.

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The tool will be deployed in a total of 14 countries. Facebook also announces that the device will be developed in the coming weeks by an awareness campaign. And on Friday Facebook is introducing a lineup of helpful tips at the tip of the news feed to identify false information or fake posts by evaluating the website URLs and misspellings etc.