It seems as though Microsoft is about to lose another messaging app before March ends. A new report stated that Facebook could be giving up on the Windows Phone 8.1 version of Messenger later this month. The social media giant is said to end the instant messaging app on the Windows Phone OS. What’s more shocking, however, is that the same could happen with Android and iOS devices sporting older operating systems.

First picked up by Italian site Aggiornamenti Lumia and later translated by Neowin, the report indicated that Messenger for Windows Phone 8.1 would be terminated.

This means that the app will forever be unusable and is to be considered obsolete. To continue using the app, users should either update to a newer handset with the latest mobile operating system or update their latest operating systems. The Italian publication also reported that even the Facebook app is going to be obsolete on the said OS.

Facebook confirms transition

Reportedly, users with 8.1 versions on their Windows Phone are getting emails regarding the changes on Facebook’s messaging tool. The email informs users that sending and receiving messages will not be possible any longer after the month ends. The solution, according to the email, is to update to the latest version via the Microsoft Store.

As of this writing, Facebook has already confirmed Messenger’s deprecated status on older Windows devices. The Mark Zuckerberg-helmed company also dropped another bomb on their official blog, indicating that dated versions of Messenger and the Facebook app will lose support this week. This news is not exclusive to Windows Phone owners this time, but to iOS and Android device owners as well.

Update your OS, Facebook says

iOS users with Messenger version 8, Facebook for iOS 2011 and Facebook for iPad version 26 should start updating their devices, according to the post. Affected Android users, on the other hand, are those that still have Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich versions.

Facebook’s decision sure is interesting, considering the majority of user’s phones still have the 8.1.