Facebook has announced in a blog post that the platform will not be supporting some older mobile app versions of Messenger on Facebook. Support for devices that run on Facebook app v55, Messenger v10 on Android, Facebook for iPad v26, Messenger v8 for iOS, Facebook for iOS released October 10, 2011 and below will end by March. There are currently 1 billion monthly active users of Messenger who will need to upgrade their apps to the latest versions.

Expect notification from Facebook

Messenger users who are still using Facebook with outdated Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 operating system, both for mobile and desktop apps, will receive notifications about the end of support for the Facebook Messenger platform.

The note includes information on when support will stop and how they can continue using the app. But even if your devices do not have the newest version of Facebook for whatever reason, you can still access Facebook through the mobile browser, and from there access the Messenger.

Messenger updates, new features

The developers behind the Messenger app, Facebook says, have spent “countless hours” making the chat app more fun for friends and family. There is the voice feature, which lets you record your voice to send to your friends, and then there’s the video calling feature, which allows you to make video calls and the group video chat for chatting with up to 50 people. The most recent Messenger Day even lets you share your day and your fun images decorated with frames and artsy statements—all easier ways to express yourself and share the positive vibe.

These all require users to upgrade to the most recent versions of Messenger.

Chat app migrations

If you’re using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, the block will not affect your use of the Messenger app, especially if you diligently updated your Operating Systems. The chatting platform can be accessed from Facebook or as a separate Messenger app from the app store. Another messaging and chat app, Skype, is also ending its support of older Windows operating systems.