February 14, 2017 was a bloody day because of the debut of “For Honor.” Since premiering on Valentine's Day, the new smash hit game from developer Ubisoft has fascinated gamers with the intricate combat system. As a result, a plethora of fighting styles have emerged in the multiplayer playlists for For Honor,” with players using every statistic imaginable to get an edge. Down below are three of the top fighting methods in “For Honor” and how to counter them. These methods are by no means the only way to fight in the game, but all three have garnered a lot of favor in the game with fans.


Revenge is a dish best served cold, except when you are on fire. In “For Honor,” you can activate a special feature called Revenge. This ability can be built up by taking damage, defending against damage, or even doing damage depending upon your class of character. Moreover, Revenge gives players a defense, health, and attack boost. All of these boosts, including how you build up Revenge, can all be customized by players with their individual gear. Fighting against someone who is using a properly outfitted Revenge character can end your whole team, just when you thought you had a sure kill with that three on one tactic. The best way to defend against a Revenge character is to simply try to avoid him or her until the Revenge has run out or jump in and out of battle making strikes at your opponent.


Speed can often kill in most games and that remains the case in “For Honor.” Another popular style for fighting in the new game is utilizing stamina regeneration, stamina reduction, and sprint speed skills. Players that gear towards these skills are often from the speedier class of characters such as assassins or hybrids.

Speed players will often attempt to parry A LOT and will be the first people to chase you down if you try to avoid an ambush. The best way to counter a speed player is by using another properly decked out speedy character or using a character with an overwhelming amount of attack damage. Speed characters often sacrifice defense for stamina, so they will be significantly weaker compared to stronger characters like vanguards or heavies.


The best defense is a good offense in “For Honor.” The third tactic employed by a swarm of players is the classic boosting attack method. Players boost up their attack and defense as their primary stats with a minor focus in Revenge, which makes an ordinary warrior become a killing machine. Vanguards and Heavy class characters use this tactic for fighting because it will slaughter enemies with damage, but you will wear out fast with little stamina. The best way to counter an attack and defense player is by parrying the character's attacks, forcing your opponent to waste their stamina, and then carve the character up like a turkey.

DLC having an impact on fighting styles

These are not the only fighting styles, but these three have gained a lot of notoriety in “For Honor.” The game's intricate combat system allows for new styles to form every day and only time will tell how that combat styles will change once more characters have been released. “For Honor” has been promised to receive downloadable content, but there is still no word yet on when gamers will see that content.