"For Honor" is the kind of delightfully, brutal game that a lot people, myself included, never thought would get made. The game is third person with a complex and intricate fighting system that makes games like "Batman Arkham Asylum" look slow. Team-based action is mixed in well with the game, but the real shining jewel is the combat system.

'For Honor' excels with locking on to a target

"For Honor" combat requires you to lock on to a target, which helps you focus on one particular enemy, and from there you can block incoming attacks from three different directions.

Moreover, you can attack from one of three different angles as well, which provides for a lot of dynamic fights. In some situations I even found myself surrounded by three enemies and I only survived because of crucial blocking.

'For Honor' loves the environment kills

"For Honor" also allows the player to employ environment kills as well, while classes like the Raider from the Vikings can literally pick an opponent up and throw him off a castle. All twelve classes in the game are well-balanced, and no class in particular feels overpowered or under-powered from any of the three factions the player can choose from. Each faction has: a heavy, a hybrid, a vanguard, and an assassin to choose from, so you always have lots of options for character selection.

'For Honor' is a melting pot of characters

Each character plays differently, despite being so similar in concept. Characters like the orochi samurai are counter-based attackers, berserkers attack hard and fast with the duel axes, raiders manhandle everyone, and the peacekeeper has a unique blend of fighting with bleed damage and retreating.

No matter who you are, this game has a character for you.

'For Honor' will blow you away

"For Honor" also shines with the game modes provided. Players can partake in one on one duels, two on two brawls, standard death match mode, and dominion. Dominion can often be more interesting than regular death match because of the unique team-based mechanics of both the game's intelligence and the added wild card of player actions.

'For Honor' has orientation

"For Honor" has a very complex fighting system to learn, but the game provides a plethora of informative tutorial videos for both basic and advanced moves for each class. I highly recommend utilizing the training as well if you are a new player or simply trying to get more comfortable with a character.

'For Honor' does not forget about the solo fans

"For Honor" also has a unique, yet brief solo campaign as well. The campaign is divided into three chapters, one for each faction, and each chapter is comprised of six missions. Playing through the solo campaign will provide you with good experience on each class of hero in the game, but the campaign feels brief.

'For Honor' in review

"For Honor" shines in it's multiplayer modes, more than anything else, with the brawl and solo duel modes easily being the best in the game. You can feel the actual intensity of the battle more of the time and the unique combat system provides for lots of memorable moments to save to your hard drive. It is clear that "For Honor" is something special and that the game will only continue to flourish on it's core mechanics for months to come.