Mass Effect Andromeda” is quickly approaching the release date of March 21, 2017 and has begun to release videos to explain the game more in-depth. One of the best things about Mass Effect Andromeda” is the multicultural team of companions that the player will have to back them up in battle. Below is an in-depth analysis of all of the companions announced so far and the playable main characters as well.

Will you be male or female?

Scott Ryder & Sara Ryder will both be available as playable main characters. Scott has a military background and Sara has a background in studying Prothean artifacts.

Both siblings will be featured in the main story of “Mass Effect Andromeda” and the player will have the option of choosing which one to play as throughout the game. The twin that is not chosen will still be involved in the main story, although to a lesser extent than the player's character. Their father is one of the members of the crew of the Tempest, so expect a lot of family drama.

Throwing people around

Cora Harper is penned as a human biotic commander and she is one of your two starting squadmates. She focuses on biotic abilities and she spent time with an elite asari commando unit before making the jump to Andromeda.

The guy you need in a crisis

Liam Kosta is a human, and the second starting squadmate you receive.

He is a crisis specialist and he is a part of the main Pathfinder team to provide security. Moreover, Liam was a cop and an engineer in his past life, in addition to being a youthful idealist who is prone to anger. Along with the Ryders and Cora, Liam arrived on the human Hyperion ark.

A rebellion

Jaal is a resistance fighter of the angara race that is native to the Andromeda galaxy.

It is unclear how or why Jaal joins the pathfinder, and even less is known about his character, but he was confirmed as a squadmate for the game. Jaal's inclusion will likely be tied to forming an alliance with the peaceful angara race to combat the main enemy of the game.

This is not Liara

Pelessaria B'Sayle, a.K.a PeeBee, is a rogue asari academic that arrived on the Nexus ship, which is the equivalent of the citadel from the previous Mass Effect games.

She is the complete opposite of most asari because she is free-spirited, goofy, and often quite independent. Players will be able to recruit her early in the game, so she will likely be the third squadmate you can unlock.

Turian strategy

Vetra Nyx is a turian drifter mercenary who was born on the turian home world of Palaven. She arrives on the Nexus as well and has a lot of experience dealing with smugglers and mercenaries. Vetra is the complete opposite of Garrus Vakarian from the previous “Mass Effect” games and she has no qualms about shooting someone or brokering a shady deal. She is loyal above all to the pathfinder team.

Krogan wrecking ball

Nakmor Drack is a veteran krogan soldier, mercenary, and pirate who has been alive for over 1,400 years.

He traveled to the Andromeda galaxy, after his clan decided to make the move, and he is extremely excited about having a new galaxy of stuff to shoot. Drack is loyal and stubborn, just like most krogan, and his experience in battle will prove useful.

A smaller team

The team of squadmates that will back you up in battle appears to be smaller than the larger teams of “Mass Effect 2” and “Mass Effect 3.” However, a smaller team is not a bad thing because the development team is focused on making extremely layered characters this time around. As previously reported, squadmates will continue on with their lives, even when the player is not around. “Mass Effect Andromeda” will be released later in March, so be on the lookout for more details as the release date draws closer.