Back on December 20, Telltale Games released episodes 1 and 2 of the highly anticipated "Walking Dead: A New Frontier," and it looks like they're finally getting ready to release Episode 3, which will be called "Above the Law." Telltale Games recently announced that the newest episode of "The Walking Dead: A New Frontier" will be available for download at some point later this month, and because of the fact that we still haven't seen any trailers for it, you should probably expect it to be released towards the end of the month.

Fan outrage

Every time Telltale posts anything about "The Walking Dead" series on their various social media pages, it's always met with fans who are furious that episode 3 still hasn't been released.

But, the announcement that the latest episode will come out later this month should help put them at ease. The question now is, will Telltale take the same amount of time to release episode 4? Of course, we don't have the answer to the question at the moment, but we do know that it'll probably take at least a month to come out with episode 4, which is usually the case with all of the developer's titles.

Episode 3 said to be a 'big one'

While responding to various fan questions about the next episode, Job Stauffer, who works with Telltale Games, said that episode 3 will be a huge episode, and that there is a scene in it which literally broke him.

"Won’t be this month, should let folks down easy on that – but we hope to have news in February.

Big episode! Worth the wait.

"Working in a lot of fan feedback for episode 3, and Clem has an episode 3 scene that literally broke me."

Physical disc now available

The announcement that episode 3 will be released later this month came on the heels of Telltale announcing that the physical version of "The Walking Dead: A New Frontier" is now available for purchase.

It'll include a full season pass subscription, which will cost you $25.

If you're not a physical disc kind of person, and you'd just like to purchase it on the PlayStation Network, or on XBox Live, you can do that as well. You can either purchase each episode individually, or you can buy a season pass subscription, which will ensure that the new episodes are automatically downloaded to your console when they're released.